Royal Server

Server Management without Boundaries

Personal License

Single User (non-commercial)


  • Limited to a single user
  • Unlimited managed servers
  • Perfect for your personal lab
  • 1 hosted document

Individual User

Starting at (commercial)


  • Multiple environments
  • Unlimited managed servers
  • Best for small teams
  • Unlimited hosted documents
Remote Management Reinvented

Remote Management Reinvented

The perfect addition to Royal TS/X

Already using Royal TS/X to manage your servers? Then you definitely want to check out Royal Server!

Royal Server support is tightly integrated into Royal TS/X, our cross-platform clients on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. This combination provides true platform independence and offers features not even available in Microsoft's own management tools!

Document Store
Secure Gateway
Dynamic Data

Built-in Royal TS/X Document Store

Document Store

Royal TS/X DocumentsRoyal TS/X Documents

Load and save Royal TS/X documents directly from/to your Royal Server instances. No more files that are copied around and possibly out of date.


Centrally define security settings for your documents. Protect documents with passwords, Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) or use our lockdown feature to define and enforce policies.

Empower your TeamEmpower your Team

Using the Document Store helps you and your team to always work with up-to-date information. Tight integration with our Royal TS/X clients enables you to work across platforms seamlessly.

Built-in Secure Gateway support

Secure Gateway

SSH-based TunnelsSSH-based Tunnels

The Secure Gateway implementation is based on SSH tunnels (port forwarding) which is an industry standard for secure communication between systems.

Included in Royal ServerIncluded in Royal Server

A Secure Gateway component is included in Royal Server. Installation and configuration is done within minutes. Royal Server also offers centralized logging for tunneled connections.

Tightly integratedTightly integrated

No hacky approach using external applications! Tunneling support in Royal TS/X is tightly integrated. Supported connection types are Remote Desktop, VNC, SSH and Telnet.

Dynamically & automatically import data

Dynamic Folder

Dynamic FoldersDynamic Folders

Dynamic Folders allow you to dynamically import data from external sources into our applications. Dynamic Folder scripts can be executed manually or automatically when a document is loaded.

Dynamic CredentialsDynamic Credentials

Dynamic Credentials allow you to provide only metadata (Name, etc.) when creating the object and dynamically retrieve properties like passwords when a connection referencing the credential is opened.


RoyalJSON is a unidirectional, human-read-and-writable data format for importing data from external sources. It's easy to write and a powerful way to import data stored outside of our applications.

Secure Remote Management

Think of Royal Server as your secure gateway to manage remote systems and environments. All communication with Royal Server can also be encrypted for added security. Access to Royal Server is controlled by standard Windows Security.

For Small and Big Environments

See events, services, Hyper-V instances, etc. from multiple hosts all in one view.
Execute common management tasks, like stopping a Hyper-V or VMware instance or restarting multiple services, even across multiple machines.

Designed for Extensibility

Royal Server was designed to be extensible, flexible and customizable from the ground up. The current modules are just the beginning!

Hassle-Free Setup

Be up and running within minutes! Installing Royal Server is a breeze.
Plus, the Royal Server Configuration Tool is easy to use and provides quick access to all settings and security options.