Royal Server 5.0

Royal Server 5.0

Public beta now available

Royal Server 5.0 will be the next major release and is now available as public beta.
For information about the major new features in this release, please see the dedicated section below.

Because Royal Server 5.0 will be a major upgrade it will require a new license key. During the beta-phase though you can continue using your current Royal Server key.

To prevent potential data loss, please always backup your documents and your %ProgramData%\RoyalServer folder before installing beta releases!

Major new features

More features will be added during the beta-phase


Royal Server

  • File based licensing to simplify deployment
  • Configurable caching of MFA configurations per user
  • Active Directory account management improvements
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • MFA support for YubiKey

Configuration Tool

  • Unified Management for MFA configuration for the Royal Server Management and Secure Gateway component

Secure Gateway

  • Support for interactive MFA (TOTP, DUO, and YubiKey)