Royal TSi

Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison

Comparing Royal TSi and Royal TSi Lite

Royal TSi Lite replaces the old Royal TSi app. It includes all features which were available in version 1 and some new ones. It will remain free to use for small environments.

The new paid version of Royal TSi is intended to be used in larger environments. It already supports the various management connections available through Royal Server.
Additional features may only be added to Royal TSi. Bug fixes will also be delivered to Royal TSi Lite.

General Features Royal TSi Royal TSi Lite
Open and browse .rtsz and .rtsx files Yes Yes
Connect via RDP Yes Yes
Connect via VNC Yes Yes
Connect via SSH Yes Yes
Connect via Telnet Yes Yes
Integrated terminal connections Yes  
Run Web connections Yes Yes
Auto fill for web connections Yes Yes
Web connections over secure gateways Yes  
Use stored credentials Yes Yes
Document lockdown Yes Yes
Start a Web connection from a credential Yes  
Start connections using templates Yes  
Royal Server Integration Royal TSi Royal TSi Lite
Open server documents Yes  
Query Windows Event Log Yes Yes
See all details of Windows Event Log entries Yes  
List Windows Services Yes Yes
Start Windows Services Yes  
Stop Windows Services Yes  
Restart Windows Services Yes  
List Windows Processes Yes Yes
Stop Windows Processes Yes  
List Terminal Services sessions Yes Yes
Reset Terminal Services sessions Yes  
Send messages to Terminal Services sessions Yes  
Restart a Windows Server Yes  
List configured Hyper-V virtual machines Yes Yes
Start Hyper-V virtual machines Yes  
Stop Hyper-V virtual machines Yes  
Pause Hyper-V virtual machines Yes  
Save state of Hyper-V virtual machines Yes  
List configured VMware virtual machines Yes Yes
Power on VMware virtual machines Yes  
Power off VMware virtual machines Yes  
Reset VMware virtual machines Yes  
Suspend VMware virtual machines Yes  
Run PowerShell scripts Yes