Royal TSX 6.0

Major new features



  • New VNC plugin: RoyalVNC
  • Support for searching in the properties dialog
  • Password Analyzer
  • Secure Gateway Cipher Configuration
  • Support for monitoring connection state (port check) in navigation panel
  • New replacement token picker
  • New Dynamic Folder export format (XML)
  • New app setting to focus the connection on the 'Behavior' page for double-clicking an active connection
  • Custom icon support in KeePass documents
  • Support for new $Clipboard$ replacement token
  • Support for overriding properties in ad hoc connections using the ?property_name=property_value syntax
  • Improved UI of disconnected connections
  • The 'Arc' browser now works with the Royal Passwords extension
  • Folder dashboard performance improvements
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Requires at least macOS 11 Big Sur

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on FreeRDP)

  • Updated to FreeRDP 2.10.0
  • Improved rendering when the RDP8 graphics pipeline is enabled
  • Improved full screen handling on MacBooks with a notch

VNC & Apple Remote Desktop

based on RoyalVNC

  • A modern, high performance implementation of the VNC/RFB protocol written in Swift
  • Licensed under the MIT license with source code available on Github
  • The Chicken VNC plugin is now deprecated and will eventually be replaced by this new plugin


HTTP/HTTPS (based on WebKit)

  • Web connections in popups can now handle window resize events triggered by JavaScript

File Transfer

Browse and transfer files using FTP, SFTP and SCP.

  • The path can now be edited by double clicking an empty part of the path bar


  • Support for automatically connecting to a VMware console session
  • Support for establishing ad hoc connection to the VMware host using SSH